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The Computer Dictionary

We’ve created The Computer Dictionary to help you understand your devices and life’s “techy” language.
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(Also Known as 'Full HD')  The number is a measurement of the pixels (dots) that make up a screen resolution. The higher the number of pixels, the better the quality of the picture/image you will get.

For example A Full HD TV will have 1920 pixels going across the screen and 1080 pixels going down.

Full blog post about Screen Resolutions can be found here

4K & 8K

(Also known as Ultra HD or UHD) this is 4 or 8 times the number of pixels, picture quality and resolution of Full HD (1080p).

Full blog post about Screen Resolutions can be found here


(Also known as 'HD Ready') See '1080p' for description.  An HD Ready TV will have 1280 pixels across the screen and 720 pixels going down the screen.

Full blog post about Screen Resolutions can be found here


A bit (short for binary digit) It is the speed at which your computer processes information.

Please Note: A computer with a 32-bit processor cannot have a 64-bit version of an operating system installed.


If you have a 64-bit CPU, it will be able to do more memory operations than if you had one that was 32-bits. This is important because it means your laptop will be able to do more things at once. For example, if you have a 64-bit CPU, you can play a video game and answer emails at the same time.


Activation Key or Code

This is required when redeeming or activating paid software. The “key" or "code” is a series of letters and numbers printed on a card, packaging or in a confirmation email that, once entered onto the relevant website or software, will be validated by the softwares owner and then will ‘activate’ and unlock the program to be used.


Adblock Plus is a popular browser extension for all of the major web browsers. It blocks all sorts of advertisements, including unwanted flash ads, pop-ups and banners. This is sometimes already included with your browser or internet security

Address Bar

this is where a website name is inputted, the “bar” can be found at the top of the web browser. (see Web Browser and Domain Name)

Android (OS)

Name of the Operating System made for tablets and smartphones by Google.


Short for 'Application(s)’. This is a Program or piece of Software made to work on a computer, mobile or tablet device.


Back Up

To make a copy or copies of your files and folders and store them on an external Hard Drive, Memory Stick or via a Cloud service.


Bandwidth is a measure of how fast your internet can handle information passing through its cables at any one time.


Bluetooth is a way to connect devices like a mobile phone to other things like speakers, printers, your car, etc. so the devices are connected via a wireless connection


Bookmarks are saved links to pages you have visited before. You can use them to go quickly and directly to a page.

To add/save a page on Windows: Ctrl + D and Mac: Comm + D


This means that your Device has stopped working and in most cases it can’t be fixed, making it as useful as a brick.


A web browser is a program that lets you look at web pages. Popular browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox.



When you look at a web page, your computer, smartphone or tablet stores it on its memory. Next time you want look at it again, your computer will retrieve it from its memory to save power and load times.

Tip: always clear your cache every week to maintain your devices performance

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The official name for the main box of your desktop computer.

Cloud Storage 

A service that allows your files and folders to be backed up (Saved) to another safe location away from your Computer or device. Like a filling cabinet in the sky.

Control Panel

This is another term used for or has the same options as ‘Settings’.


The website saves parts of your computer so it can remember things about you and give you a better user experience or show you more relevant adverts.

Copy & Paste

This can be used to copy/duplicate a whole or selected part of Text or piece of Data (Picture, File, or Folder) to another location within your computer.

Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL+C = Copy, CTRL+V = Paste

Cut & Paste

Same as Copy & Paste, but without duplicating the selected files or piece of data.

Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL+X = Cut, CTRL+V = Paste


It's digital money. Digital money is different from physical money because it can be used anywhere in the world. It does not exist in our pockets. It only exists on online, on your computers or in a digital wallet. Cryptocurrency can be sent to anyone in the world if you have an internet connection and a digital wallet.



A collection of information displayed for easy and organised reading


The main screen that your computer or device starts up too.


Referred to as 'Default Setting', This is the first set of settings that a piece of software or computer reverts back to when it is reset.

Domain Name

(Also known as: web address or URL) The official name given to the address typed for searching specific web sites. (Example: or


A term used when a file (Document, Software, Music or a Video) is being transferred from a website or server to your computer, mobile or tablet via the internet.


EcoSystem (Digital)

The term ‘Digital Ecosystem’ is used when multiple devices and software from the same manufacture all work and sync together. For example, when you take a picture with your apple phone, it will then appear on your apple computer within seconds via the iCloud without the need for manually transferring using Bluetooth or WiFi


Encryption is a way to store information with a password or code(s) that nobody can read. It protects sensitive data.



A firewall is something we use to protect us from bad things or information trying to get into our computers.

Flash Drive

Full HD


GB (GigaByte)

A measure of storage capacity for files and data (1024GB = 1TB)  (Example: One full HD (High Definition) Movie size can be between 1GB & 8GB)

GHz (GigaHertz)

A type of unit used to measure the speed rate of processors.


Graphics Card

A component used in a computer or laptop to display better images/video on the screen. Mainly used when playing a higher detailed game or editing high detailed videos on a computer.


(Hard Drive)

An internal or external device that uses a laser and spinning disc to store files and information for transport and back-up purposes on your computer or laptop.


A name given to a physical item that can be used in or with computers (Example: Hard Drive, Mouse, Printer, etc)

HD (High Definition)

(Measured in either '720p HD Ready' or '1080p Full HD') Video or Film recorded in higher quality with more detail. Also See '1080p, & 720p'

(High Dynamic Range)

Recent term used in newer TV's, Games Consoles and Camera's. This feature gives you more colours and higher definition to your picture quality.

Home Page

The first or main page of any website.



This term is used when a piece of hardware or software is being loaded on or into a computer.




A program that helps run elements on a website or programmes on a computer.


Keyboard Shortcut

Quick access using the keyboard to a function. Example: holding CTRL then pressing the letter P will bring up the Print Menu


(Local Area Connection)

This is a wired connection used to connect your computer it a router using an ethernet cable



Malware is software that is made to damage computers. Some types of malware can cause serious problems in a computers, such as destroying data and/or corrupting the computer's files. Also see ‘Ransomware’


Apple's name of their system that runs and operates their computers. (Example: MacOS 10.10 Yosemite)

Also See 'OS (Operating System)'


The motherboard is the most important part of a computer. It’s like the heart, Everything inside your computer connects to it. Every computer has one.


A type of audio format that will enable playback on a digital music device.


Netbook (Laptop)

A small, lightweight computer used mainly to access the internet or emails.


OS (Operating System)

Name given to the software that runs all computer and devices.

See Full Article here about the different Operating Systems


PDF (Portable Document Format)

This is a type of file that is used mainly in business to create documents that can hold text a graphics and they also cannot be modified without the correct software.

Power Bank

(Also Know as Portable Charger) This is portable battery pack for your devices that use a USB connection for charging.


The name given to the engine that runs computers, mobiles and tablet devices.



RAM (Random Access


here is a kind of computer software that stops you from using your computer until you pay money. It is a type of virus, but it's different from the other viruses. It usually targets people, but soon it will target business too.


Search Engine

A website or programme that searches keywords or phrases specified by the user in a database or on the internet.

Serial Number 

(Also known as S/N) This is a unique number found on all devices to identify that particular product for the manufacture.


A central system that computers and websites communicate with to send and receive data.


Used in conjunction with Hard Drives, SSD's and Memory Stick's to store information.


a method used to view video or listen to music without the need for the file or files being downloaded first to the computer or device. Streaming examples: Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.


Name given to the programmes that you have or put on your computer.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

A digital device that used to store files and information for transport or back-up purposes on computers and digital devices.



Name of a portable touch screen device (Example: iPad, Kindle, Samsung Tab, etc.).


See 'CPU'


A measure of storage capacity for files and data (1024GB = 1TB)



Pieces of information that is added to your current software or devices to help them run better. It is always important to keep your devices or software updated.

USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Connection on a computer used for multiple devices and items. (Example: Flash Drives, Hard Drives, Printers, iPads, Keyboards and many more).

Ultra HD or UHD

URL (Unique Resource Locator)


Windows (OS)

Microsoft's name of their system that runs and operates computers. (Example: Windows 10, Windows 11, etc.)

Also see 'OS (Operating System)'


Name given to the box that opens up on your screen and contains your files, displays a program or the internet


Stands for ‘World Wide Web’


Zip File

The is an easy way to send large or multiple file across the internet, ‘Zipping’ the file will compress it to a smaller size for sending. Your recipient will need to have a program to be able to Unzip’ it.

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