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Are you seeking iPad or Computer Help? The Technology Coach offers a range of services to assist you with your devices, including, Smartphone, Tablet and Computer Tutoring Help and Support to ensure everyone can master their tech devices.
Dive into various in-person and online services and resources below and take the step to optimise your computers, smartphones, tablets, and gadgets.

Get On-Demand Instant Tech Support With Tech Genie by Technology Coach
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Brands the Technology Coach can Help and Support with

Online Service
In-Home Servie
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Tech Genie gives you unlimited online help, support and answers to all your tech questions, whenever you need it, it's available 24/7!
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Computer Dictionary
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In-Home Service

If you're having trouble with your tech, you don't have to go it alone. I offer an in-home service that can tech, help you troubleshoot common problems and set up new devices.
Local services are only available in and around Hastings, Bexhill, Battle areas.

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The Computer Dictionary

The computer dictionary is a comprehensive resource for the meaning of technical terms. You can look up terms by keyword or have a scroll through the list.

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Product Assistant
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Online Product Assistant

The online product assistant can help you with your Apple, Samsung, Android, and other gadgets.
You can ask questions about how to use your device, troubleshoot problems, or even ask for tips and tricks.
This is part of the Standard and Premium plans

1to1 Assistant
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1 to 1 Troubleshooting Assistance

The Technology Coach is available to answer your questions personally. I have a wealth of experience in the tech industry and can help you on a wide range of devices and topics.
This is part of the Standard and 1 to 1 plans

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Our blog covers a wide range of tech topics, from full explanations of everyday technical issues to helping you stay safe online and spot scams.



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